Monthly Archives: February 2017

Heaven is IN YOU!

Recently I read a biography of Caryll Houselander written by Maisie Ward.  In it she writes: “Caryll saw shapes already present in the wood she carved which only needed to be made visible to others.  She saw the image of God in men’s souls that only needed to be made visible to themselves and to…
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Spending Time With Jesus

Sister Arlene shares why Perpetual Adoration is important to her: It’s important to have adoration because you get many graces and blessings not only for yourself but for the Church and for others. You help your family, too, and people who aren’t even aware of the fact. They have help from some place but they…
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Just Allow Christ to Love You and Rejoice!

This past Advent we watched Mary of Nazareth. I’ve seen this movie several times but this time something different struck me that I had never paid attention to before. In one scene, Mary and St. Anne are having a discussion, and St. Anne suggests to Mary that maybe if they move to another town, Mary…
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