Death of a Saint

Death of a Saint While riding the train into Rome, my friend called and told me to come to Saint Peter's Square. She had invited me to come to a conference in the city, and I was able to attend because I was already abroad, studying in Pisa for a semester. I didn't know my…
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Reasons to Rejoice!

Join us in rejoicing as we just received three new Postulants into our community yesterday! Please pray for Rachel, Alexis and Valerie! Also, we had some big events last month as Sr. Mary John, Sr. Mary Bosco, Sr. Mary Augustine and Sr. Karol Ann professed the vows of poverty, obedience and chastity. They now wear…
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He Must Increase

Saint John the Baptist said, “He [Jesus] must increase; I must decrease” (Jn 3:30). His words correlate to the change in light between the summer and the winter solstice. Jesus’ birth occurs around the winter solstice when the days are the shortest and darkest, but are increasingly filled with light; the sun increases as time…
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