Emmanuel, God-with-Us

 “A virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and they shall name Him Emmanuel, which is ‘God-is-with-us’” (Isaiah 7:14-15).

God is with us. All our desires, all our pain, our joys and our sorrows, what it means to be human—God of course knows this in His omniscience as God. But such is His love and compassion for us, for a race wounded by sin, that He chooses to actually experience what it is to be human by becoming man Himself! Who would ever have thought, or dared to think, that God would want to become as one of His creatures?!

And yet, how that answers our deepest desire, for He is “Desire of the nations;” He fulfills our desire for Someone to console us, to be with us! He does not want us to be alone. Above all, what our hearts desire is a personal Presence, which only God can fully satisfy. And He comes to us, adapting Himself to our weakness, so that we need not fear. God with us—not only showing us that He is on our side, as the Israelites understood it, but that He is with us in His Humanity! Jesus becomes fully human and experiences human needs, human emotions, etc. St. Ephrem says that in the Incarnation, “fully God assumes what is fully human, for what is not assumed cannot be healed.” Yes, He comes to redeem and heal what is wounded in our nature from Original Sin; He comes to redeem and heal our own wounds.

His Presence was not only a gift two thousand years ago. Jesus, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, still retains His glorified human nature and still gives Himself, fully divine and fully human, in the Holy Eucharist. When I am in the Adoration Chapel, Jesus is present, is with me. He still desires to be with us. The coming of Jesus in our human flesh shows that great as our desire is for God, His desire for us is even greater.

~ Written by Sister M. Immaculata

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