The following sayings are taken from the letters of Mother Maria Theresia:
  1. As we pray, so will we live and our lives will be like our prayers.
  2. One "Thanks be to God" in suffering is more pleasing to God than a thousand in good days.
  3. Let us keep courage and say with the Apostle: "I can do all in God who strengthens me."
  4. Let us be patient with others, then others will also be patient with us.
  5. Many kinds of crosses will come, but the Lord helps and gives new strength to the weak.
  6. All is in God's hands, and when we do what we can, we can be calm.
  7. When our hearts are at peace, then our actions will also be peaceful.
  8. True freedom manifests itself in self-control.
  9. We desire to be the least in all things; but in love no one should surpass us.
The motto of her life was: All as God wishes. He leads, I follow.


Found in the 1918 Time Capsule from the south end of the north wing of St. Anthony Central is photo's of Sister Maria Theresia Bonzel the founder of the American Branch of the Poor Sisters of Saint Francis Seraph of Perpetual Adoration and Mother M. Alphonsia.      Copy Photo by Joe Amon The Denver Post