Prayer for the Intercession of Blessed Maria Theresia Bonzel

Loving Father, by your great grace, you have chosen Mother Maria Theresia Bonzel as the spouse of your Son and have imparted to her heart an ardent love for Him in the Blessed Sacrament. You have made her a true disciple of St. Francis in the practice of works of charity and all other virtues, especially humility, patience and penance.

Grant that we, too, will grow in our love for the Eucharist, so that like Mother Maria Theresia, we can serve you, your Church, and all souls with joy and simple faith. Let us bring the light of Christ to all those around us, especially those in most need.

Grant us, by her intercession, and according to Your holy will, the request I now that her heroic sanctity may be recognized in the whole Church. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Nihil obstat: Rev. Msgr. Michael Heintz, Censor librorum
Imprimatur:Kevin C. Rhoades, Bishop of Fort Wayne-South Bend

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St. Francis Provincialate
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Almighty and Merciful God,
who strengthened the virgin, Blessed Maria Theresia,
burning with a pure faith
in the sacramental presence of Christ,
to support her brethren in every need
regardless of the cost,
grant that we, in the spirit of her charity,
may never tire of ministering to you in our neighbor.

Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives
and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit
one God, for ever and ever.

Blessed Maria Theresia's Hourly Prayer

Teach me, O my Jesus, to think and judge mildly and charitably, to speak little and wisely, to act justly and prudently, in order that my life may be always pleasing to you and that I may reach perfection in holiness. Amen.

Here I Am

Here I am, O Jesus, at your feet with the burden of my work and responsibilities. Here I am with my daily tasks, that you may teach me to sanctify them by performing them with you and for you.

Here I am, O Jesus, with all my cares, needs and intentions; with my failures and successes, that they may be directed according to your holy will, and that I may learn to submit all to your divine pleasure.

Here I am with the refreshing and restful moments of the day that renew strength and vigor to body and soul.

Finally, here I am, Lord, with all my hopes and desires, that you may purify and sanctify them. Guide and direct me to please you alone, that my whole being may praise you; that I may be united with you now and for all eternity. Amen.

Jesus, the Only Love of My Heart

Jesus, the only love of my heart, loved more than anything that has ever been loved before, You I long for and desire. Poor, naked, and bare of all goodness, I hasten into Your outstretched arms, and bring You my sins and my imperfections as my dowry, as my first-fruit offering. In the fiery furnace of Your heart burn them and all that is evil and imperfect in me. Set me on fire and wound me with Your holy love, and let me live and die with You on the Cross of the religious life. See my great longing, see my weakness. Enable me to do what you want me to do, and then command whatever you wish. You have given me the will to begin; give me also the will to complete what I have begun.

Morning Prayer to St. Joseph

O dear St. Joseph, be thou the father of thy children; direct us to an interior life, to that contemplative prayer, which thou, thyself hast learned and practiced with Jesus, the most exalted Eternal Wisdom, and with Mary, in the school of Nazareth. Let Holy Recollection and heavenly peace reign in our Community.

May the care of our house be recommended to thee, O dearest, most loyal Joseph. I deliver unto thee all our exterior affairs. Do thou, O great carpenter and chief master of all artisans, help us, thy most devoted children.

We shall love and honor thee here upon earth, as much as we are able, and shall proclaim thy loving fatherly care for all.

Provide for all our spiritual and temporal affairs as thou didst provide for the Child Jesus and His holy Mother. Be thou our constant helper and guide of the souls of our Sisters. Help us in all our necessities. We shall love and honor thee, St. Joseph, and we shall endeavor always to promote thy honor.

Behold My Deep Longing

Behold my deep longing, see my great weakness; give me what I need to fulfill your commands, and then command what You will. You have caused the desire, bring it to completion.

 My Heart Must Renounce Many Things

My heart must renounce many things
If it claims to love God.
It must give up what it treasures,
And unless it becomes accomplished
At self-denial and renunciation,
It cannot speak of love.

If you love Jesus, you must avoid
All that He forbids.
You must willingly remove
All that separates you from Him.
Even though your heart should grow faint,
You must, yes, you must endure the pain of detachment.

Jesus wants your whole heart for Himself.
He does not want a divided heart.
Your love would not be pure love,
If you did not consider it necessary
To detach yourself immediately
Even from what is dearest to you.

If you love Jesus, You must endure
Whatever trials He sends you.
You must accept them
Even joyfully,
As one receives a gift of love,
Without grumbling or complaint,
You must carry the burden He gives.

If you want to show genuine love,
And be a true disciple,
Then surrender yourself to Jesus.
Love Him totally, and Him alone.
Be joyful in your renunciation.
Show yourself courageous in self-denial.

Learn to give in, to bend to others.
Learn to stand under the cross of Christ.

Look upon His face and unite yourself with Him.
Stay close to Mary, so as to learn from her.
Look to the saints that you may learn from them
How to face Satan’s temptations without fear.

Remain strong in faith and hope,
And steadfast in humility.
Renounce all worldly pretension and splendor.
Turn your back on vanity and foolish pleasures.
Then love will draw you into its secret tower,
And peace will reign in your heart.

Written May 14, 1873