How Much He Loves You Now

I love being near Jesus and Him being exposed in the monstrance. I’m always inspired by Mother Teresa of Calcutta’s saying: “If you look at the cross, you see how much He loved you then; when you look at the Eucharist, you see how much He loves you now.” There’s something special about perpetual adoration when you’re with just one other person with Jesus in the quiet of the night; I try to listen and hear the Word of God. To be in His actual presence, face-to-face- even though it’s a veiled face- it’s what we will be doing in heaven, and it starts now. It’s Jesus’s way of loving us: he can’t wait for heaven to share himself. “Ad-oration” means “to the mouth,” so we’re actually in the embrace of God in the adoration chapel; he’s bringing us up to his own face to kiss us and let us kiss him.

Sister Mary Augustine

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