St. Lucy: Witness to the Beauty of His Light and Love

Growing up as a young Catholic girl, I always loved the story of St. Lucy: her generosity with the poor; the deep and abiding love she had for her faith; and how she sought and obtained healing for her mother through the intercession of St. Agatha. Afterwards, even when the first attempts at shaming and killing her failed, she willingly gave witness to Christ through her martyrdom. Her courage has caused her to be recognized and celebrated throughout the world. St. Lucy’s feast day, December 13th, was the day of the winter solstice before the calendar was revised. This is why we see Sweden, Italy, and Hungary all honor her by the meaning of her name, “light”, as she announces to all of us the dawning of Him who is the Light and Bread of Life.

Aside from the deep connection of Lucy to Christ our Light, I have always admired in her dedication to Christ her Spouse. She consecrated her virginity to Him at a young age, as did many of the early virgin martyrs, and had no desire to marry anyone else. As a Christian, she loved the Lord with her whole being. She knew He had created her for Himself and that He would satisfy her every desire. The light of faith had reached the depths of her heart and she knew that her response could only be consecration to Him. As we seek to respond to His will each and every moment, may the example of St. Lucy’s faith open our hearts this Advent to receive the beauty of His Light and Love.

~ Written by Sister Lucia

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