There are colorful threads throughout the tapestry of one’s life. One of these threads weaved in and out my life without too much realization on my part. I was in second grade, when I remember looking at the teacher who was a Dominican sister. She had just finished a lesson and was sitting at her desk. I thought how I wanted to be just like her. I loved learning. I wanted to teach. The school was filled with sisters at this time and I didn’t quite understand you could be teacher without being a sister. It didn’t matter at the time. I was going to be a sister so I could teach. My parents moved after my third grade and by the end of fourth grade it started to sink in I didn’t have to be a sister to teach. I followed this thread and let religious life slip out of my hands. While I may have let the thread go out of the loom of my life, God’s masterful hands did not. Every so often He would bring the thread back. Sometimes one of my parents would say something, a stranger, a friend in passing, or an event would try to bring the thread back. Each time I would look at the thread, politely say no, and give it back. There were things to accomplish, people to meet, and places to go that were much more important or…… so I thought. Fortunately for all of us, God is very persistent and knows best. Once, He even got someone to send my name into my parish when Father asked for recommendations for those who would make a good priest, brother, or sister. It was a lovely dinner but the answer was a polite ‘no, thank you’. God persisted and traveled ahead preparing the way for one particular year and all its events. In June I attended a silent retreat which had 56 sisters from different communities and one other layperson besides me. At the end of the retreat they cheered when the other lone lady declared she was called to religious life. Even with 57 sets of eyes upon me, my answer was still a polite no. I did admit, however, God was rearranging the furniture in my life. He had been busy. Through time He had guided my prayer life to a deeper level with a stronger thirst for the Sacraments. The summer was sad with the death of my boss and a few months later, in the fall, an Uncle. God choose this time for the thread to be placed once more in my hands. My tale ends here. I have kept the thread and hope to be woven into God’s plan and His life more fully. May you find your thread in life and follow it to its end, for God’s threads always lead to Him. God bless you and those you love abundantly.

Sister Lethia Marie, Perpetual Vows