The Way of the Cross with Mother Maria Theresia

As faithful children of Saint Francis let us make every effort to die to ourselves and to lead lives worthy of a Spouse of the Crucified One. We will then be able to celebrate with our dear Jesus the Easter joy of His resurrection. (L I, 42)


I. Jesus is Condemned to Death

A murderer, a robber is preferred to Him who is infinite holiness and innocence. (I 79)


II. Jesus takes up His Cross

If at times the cross lies heavy on our shoulders, should it be too difficult to suffer for Him who has suffered so much for each one of us; even to the bitter death of the cross? (L IV, 98)


III. Jesus Falls the First Time

Crosses of all kinds will be placed upon our shoulders, but God Himself will help us carry them, and be our strength in moments of weakness. (TYL 47)


IV. Jesus Meets His Mother

Daily, yes, even hourly we plead with God, to prepare our hearts as He prepared the heart of our Blessed Mother. Oh, that we say with Mary and in all circumstances: “Behold the handmaid of the Lord,” and then add joyfully, “Be it done to me, according to your word.” (L IV-59)


V. Simon Helps Jesus Carry His Cross

To a great extent, everyone is his own cross, and if we cause others to suffer, God permits this for our mutual sanctification. (TYL 10)


VI. Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus

Let us contemplate the beautiful face of our Lord and listen to His words. He gives us an example of how we should conduct ourselves in trials and suffering. (DN 56)


VII. Jesus Falls the Second Time

In spirit let us kiss the earth saturated with the sacred blood of our Redeemer, Jesus. How He let it drop upon the parched surface of my soul! (DN 56)


VIII. Jesus Speaks to the Women of Jerusalem

Let us beg God for the grace to understand clearly the value of the Cross, of suffering and self-contempt... I would like to see all of us burning with the love of the Cross, so that we might know and desire nothing but Jesus, the Crucified One. (DN 58)


IX. Jesus Falls the Third Time

We must suffer and fight; therefore, advance courageously and steadfastly stand your ground, no matter what may come. Let us totally surrender ourselves to our beloved Lord. (TYL 60)


X. Jesus is Stripped of His Garments

Let us contemplate often our thorn-crowned Savior. Our hearts will then be filled with love for Christ and contempt of self. (TYL 29)


XI. Jesus is Nailed to the Cross

Let us nail our self which we so dearly love to the Cross, even though the heart may quake with fear, hot tears may flow from our eyes and our cheeks may redden with excitement. A one-time victory is not enough; everyday we must begin anew. (TYL 10)


XII. Jesus Dies on the Cross

Let us contemplate the Crucified and listen to His seven last words. Let us see our God die for us! Let us acknowledge our unworthiness to obtain from Him the grace of holy love, and to be admitted to that union which is given to those souls only, who have proven their faithfulness through constant self-denial, through penance and through enduring suffering and the Cross. (DN 62-3)


XIII. Jesus is Taken Down from the Cross

Let us often contemplate the glorious wounds of our Lord Jesus Christ. Gratefully let us love Him in return, and joyfully endure the wounds of His mortification on our own body. (TYL 19)


XIV. Jesus is Laid in the Tomb

All good things come to an end, and I can take nothing with me; no creature accompanies me; only my good deeds follow me. If my soul is adorned with virtue, then I can look peacefully toward the hour of death. Let us die daily, then when death comes it will find that we have already died. (I 13)



I—Instructions; L—Letters; TYL—Through the Year of Our Lord; DN—Desire Nothing Refuse Nothing


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