The educational apostolate has been important to our Sisters from the beginning. When our Community began, the Sisters cared for orphans, providing them with a loving home as well as a thorough education.



Today, our Sisters serve as teachers, campus ministers, librarians, tutors, principals, and hold other administrative positions in Catholic elementary schools and high schools, as well as at the University of St. Francis in Fort Wayne, IN.



Sister Josepha came to the United States in 1877. She served as a teacher and later became Provincial Superior. In forming the young Sisters as teachers, she once said:

“Sisters, remember that Catholic education is not simply secular education plus religion. It is an education rooted and founded in Catholic culture. It is a wonderful thing to be a teacher. You are not working with flowers but with the child, who is at once the most complex and the most malleable of all creatures. You are working with the only creature made to God’s image.”