Perpetual Adoration

“Ah, yes, what countless graces the Lord bestows on us during the quiet hours of adoration. Let us fulfill this obligation faithfully; then we can look forward to our last hour with confidence, for in eternity, we shall continue the loving labor of our grateful hearts: the adoration of God.”
~ Blessed Maria Theresia


Poor and willing to receive, we come before the Lord as beggars, pleading on behalf of those we serve and for the whole world. Like Mary, the Mother of God, we are tabernacles and monstrances, houses and dwelling places for Christ.

“We who wish to become adorers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus must see this even more so as our sole purpose in life.”
~  Blessed Maria Theresia

We carry the Eucharist into the world and bring the fruits of our adoration to all our activities. Thus, our whole life becomes a single act of adoration and praise of God.



Perpetual Adoration is our way of life. Our faithfulness nourishes belief in the Real Presence and we foster continuous adoration of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament as a sign of our surrender, in thanksgiving, to atone for sin, and to intercede for the needs of the Church and the world.