Just Keep Me Faithful

Sister Louise reflects on Eucharistic Adoration:

It’s in realizing He’s there that I gain more trust in him. Jesus is there; he is right there listening to me. He helps me just sitting with him. Before, when you’re busy teaching school, it’s hard taking adoration when you come home from school and you’re really tired. But now I’m lost if I don’t take it at least once a day.

I pray with the Sisters when I’m in the adoration chapel during Vespers. The singing is so beautiful and I like having adoration at that hour because it sounds so pretty. It gives you sort of a lift and it makes me grateful that I’m called to be a religious because I get to be with Jesus and I get to hear those angels’ voices. It’s like I’m in paradise!

I think our chapel is the most beautiful adoration chapel in the world. I love that big host up there. I was sitting there looking at that big host, and I remembered when I was a little aspirant kneeling there. Here I’m lookin’ at Jesus and thinking, “You’re still here!” Then I figured it out: it was 63 years ago I was an aspirant! I looked at him and said, “Just keep me faithful!”

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