"Let us daily renew our resolution to offer to the Divine Child all the sacrifices our vocation demands of us."
~ Blessed Maria Theresia

Acceptance into the Novitiate begins a two-year intensive deepening of one's prayer life and experience of religious life. Novices study the theology of religious life, the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, our Franciscan Rule and the Constitution of our Congregation. Experiences in the apostolate during the second year of the novitiate provide further opportunities to learn to integrate the contemplative and the active life. A novice professes temporary vows at the end of the two-year novitiate.



The ultimate goal of the novitiate is to prepare the novice to make a loving and free commitment to God, the community, and the Church expressed through the profession of temporary vows by living in obedience, poverty, and chastity according to the Rule and Constitution.


Receiving the Habit

Before the novice receives her new habit, the chaplain blesses the habits with holy water.

"To the young Sisters I wish God’s choicest graces and blessings. May you, dear Sisters, in donning the Franciscan habit be clothed also with his spirit, that as true daughters of Saint Francis, you may worthily wear his garb and thus bring joy and honor to our congregation."
~ Blessed Maria Theresia


Receiving the Rule and Constitution

After the Sisters return to the Chapel wearing their new habits, they are presented with a copy of our Rule and Constitution. They are charged to study and live by these holy documents.

"Now let us be faithful in observing our holy Rule and Constitution. Let us be attentive to and willingly follow the inspirations of grace. Above all let us foster and deepen the bond of sisterly love. Let us respond to one another in affection, loyalty and sincerity."
~ Blessed Maria Theresia


Receiving a New Name

The novice also receives a new name to signify the new life she has been called to live.

"He has chosen us to follow Him more intimately. If, then, trials and tribulations beset us, let us bear them joyfully. Always and everywhere let us bear witness to the name: spouse of Christ, through faithfulness and gratitude."
~ Blesssed Maria Theresia


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