"Our service to the Church becomes fruitful only when it stems from a living union with God. It is through prayer that our apostolate must receive its dedication and strength and be an occasion of blessing to others."
~ Blessed Maria Theresia

We serve the Church through Perpetual Adoration, Education, Healthcare, and other Works of Mercy. In so doing, we follow in the footsteps of Jesus who spent His public life praying, teaching, healing, and ministering to others.


Perpetual Adoration

For over 150 years our Sisters have continued to foster in a special way the continuous adoration of Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament.


Our Sisters serve in various ways in Catholic elementary and high schools, as well as at the University of St. Francis in Fort Wayne, IN.


The Sisters sponsor Franciscan Alliance, a healthcare system which upholds the moral values and teachings of the Catholic Church.


Works of Mercy

Following in the footsteps of St. Francis and Blessed Maria Theresia, we also serve the Church through various Works of Mercy.


Like St. Francis who exhorted his followers not to stifle the spirit of prayer through activity, Mother Maria Theresia also set forth similar directives.


"Do not let your recollection or your union with God be disturbed. Even if Martha's work is weighing upon you, always seek to preserve Mary's spirit of prayer. Even with all your external occupations you can pray and your heart can constantly rest in God."
~ Blessed Maria Theresia


Motherhouse Apostolates



Since every activity is for us a service of God it is therefore important and calls for our whole-hearted effort. We are aware that everything a person does is also a service to the community.



"God has enriched you with talents and gifts, not for your own benefit, but in order that they increase and be used responsibly for the good of others. God will ask an account of them."
~ Blessed Maria Theresia



"Let us gladly spend ourselves in the service of the Lord, and beg him to bless our labor."
~ Blessed Maria Theresia



Sisters who through age or illness can no longer participate in the active apostolate share in the good works of the community in a significant way. Through prayer and suffering they obtain God's blessings for many. Our prayer, work and suffering are all part of the salvific mission of the Church.